Steve "Jimmy" Forbes

Cameraman, Tech Specialist

Steve (“Jimmy”) is one of the newest members of our team.  He grew up on Cape Breton Island where ghostly tales and other paranormal phenomena were legendary.  His interest was piqued at a very young age, and despite the fact that he has had some experiences of his own, he remains skeptical.  The paranormal events that he has experienced over the years have kept his interest high and he is anxious to investigate with us and have some more experiences of his own.

Steve left Cape Breton in 1974 to serve our country as a member of the Army and Air Force for almost 35 years, traveling throughout Canada, the U.S.A, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and other parts of the world.

In 1996, Steve became a Volunteer with Access Cable Community TV, where he became proficient with all aspects of TV production; Video Cameras, sound, lighting, editing, switching, directing and producing television shows.

Steve is anxious to help out on our investigations and provide us with his invaluable input on the collection of audio/video evidence.   As a member of LWPI, his duties include aiding in set up and camera placement, monitoring the stationary IR cameras on a four way split screen during the investigation, as well as taking part in all other aspects of the investigation process.   LWPI is happy to have him on the team.